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Alien Covenant Title Image Alien: Covenant Footage Reactions

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus remains a divisive entry in the Alien franchise. It was met with mixed response from fans and critics alike, but its box office was enough to push another film into production. And the sequel, Alien: Covenant, is taking a much more direct tie to the originals in more ways than one. Not only will it introduce a new ship and many new characters, but the film looks to be utilizing what made the original so iconic: horror.

For a film that’s a potential summer tentpole, the marketing for Covenant has been mostly behind-the-scene photos and a teaser poster. Using that approach can have its advantages, but when it comes right down to it, the best way to market a film is by using the film itself. And it looks like the studio is ready to do just that.

20th Century Fox hosted a special preview event for in New York earlier today, and one of the biggest presentations of the day showcased a new trailer and 15 minutes of footage from Covenant. Press attendees were allowed to post their reactions on social media, and so far the response has been positive. One of the members in attendance included Screen Rant’s own Molly Freeman, who had this to say:

If that reaction wasn’t enough to get you excited for Covenant, CBR’s Kristy Puchko also gave a very optimistic response to the new footage:

It’s nice to see that the horror element of Covenant being praised. The few looks we’ve gotten at the production and costume design clearly show how Scott wants the film to have a different tone than Prometheus. Michael Fassbender, who plays the android David in Prometheus and Covenant, said the sequel will be “much scarier” than its predecessor. Meanwhile, co-star Danny McBride said there will be no “comic relief” in the film, which suggests a tense viewing experience. It sounds as though Covenant has been made in the style of the 1979 original film, and it will probably be better for it.

It’s been a long time coming for Alien: Covenant. There are so many interesting avenues that the series could take, and it seems like Covenant is heading in the right direction. And that potential is just reaffirmed by the strong praise from the preview event. While it remains to be seen how the general public will react to it, the film is definitely off to a good start.


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