Amazing Silver Surfer Costume Spotted Surfing Through New York

Every Halloween, people across the world suit up as recognizable fictional characters that have become popular in pop culture. This year, some of the most popular costumes pertaining to pop culture include Harley Quinn and Joker from Suicide Squad, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man from Captain America: Civil War, some of the kids from Stranger Things, and many more. However, in order to really impress others with a costume nowadays, there has to be a sense of realism and originality.

In order to achieve these heights, spending a large amount of money is usually in the cards to gain an accurate depiction of the character. While Silver Surfer was not likely a popular costume over this past weekend and today, one man was able to turn himself into a living hero.

A man by the name of Jesse Wellens, with the help of makeup artist Alexys Fleming, decided to go all out in order to become a living embodiment of one of Marvel’s most powerful characters. Thanks to body paint, some custom clothes, and a glossy silver surfboard, Wellens was able to impress New Yorkers as he rolled through the streets in full costume. The YouTube channel PrankvsPrank posted the video (via io9) which you can check out below:

Amazing Silver Surfer Costume Spotted Surfing Through New York

While there are thousands of impressive costumes that come out every Halloween, Wellens’ transformation into Silver Surfer is one of the most memorable in recent years. His makeup alone would be enough to impress the average person, but he took a step further and got the board as well. As if that was not enough, riding around the streets of New York in the full costume is an easy way to get noticed, and based on the reactions of those who saw him in person, the costume is worthy of the praise.

Even though his costume is certainly impressive based on the effort that went in to pulling it off, hardcore Marvel comic fans will surely notice that Silver Surfer has a full head of hair, instead of his traditionally bald look. This should not be an inditement on the costume, as he was able to seemingly capture the look of the character who is inherently tough to accurately recreate. Silver Surfer has only been realized once on the big screen in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, but even in this version he was an entirely CGI character. As far as truly real portrayals of Silver Surfer goes, Wellens’ is at or at the very least near the top.

Source: YouTube (via io9)


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