Amy Schumer to Star in Barbie Live-Action Movie

Amy Schumer to Star in Barbie Live-Action Movie
Barbie Amy Schumer to Star in Barbie Live Action Movie

It will likely be a surprise for many to see someone like Amy Schumer in a role as child-friendly and highly regarded as Barbie. Schumer’s comedy as well as her acting roles have always leaned toward raunchy entertainment – a category she’s more than capable of pulling off. But a film like Barbie will be a whole new challenge for her and she’s sure to have more than her fair share of detractors before the film even hits theaters. At the same time, given the Barbie doll’s ongoing history of criticism for depicting an unrealistic body image, Schumer’s confidence about her own body type is a positive attribute – especially in a film designed to boost the confidence and self-esteem of young girls.

Whatever Sony does end up creating with Barbie, there is a great opportunity here to create a film with heart and a positive family-friendly message. What’s more, should the film achieve box office success, Schumer could very well find herself part of a franchise that continues to grow and evolve with a brand new generation of children – both female and male.

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