Aquaman Movie Gets a Working Title

Aquaman Movie Gets a Working Title
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“Ahab” would seem to be an allusion to Captain Ahab, from the Moby Dick novel. Ahab is one of the most famous fictional sea captains in literary history. The tragic sailor developed an unhealthy, and ultimately suicidal, obsession with capturing the monstrous white whale, Moby Dick. The story tracks Ahab’s deterioration from his doomed mission, which resulted in the loss of a leg and more. It’s possible that “Ahab” is a direct allusion to Aquaman and his own personal mission that will fuel his own motivations in his solo film. Additionally, in the comics Aquaman has lost a limb during his adventures at sea as well; while it’s not clear if that will happen in the film, it’s an intriguing possibility to ponder.

There is still a lot unknown about the actual plot and cast of Aquaman. Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and William Dafoe, have already been cast as Arthur Curry, Mera, and Vulko, respectively. However, while Wan has professed that the movie will have a “swashbuckling” feel of adventure, the actual story and film’s villain is still publicly up in the air. Particularly with a working title like “Ahab”, it would seem that there would be a threat or force – Black Manta would be a good fit – that would send Aquaman on an equally obsessive and vengeful mission. Hopefully, the working title is a signal that we’ll be getting another worthy villain to add to the DCEU and a sign that production on the movie may be closer than we’re currently anticipating.


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