Armie Hammer Jokes About Green Lantern Casting Rumors

The DCEU slate is filled out through 2020, for now, as the mega studio plans to release 2 major films per year over the next four years. Aquaman was recently pushed back to later in 2018, and there is still very little information available about Green Lantern Corps. or the Cyborg stand-alone film, both set for 2020 releases. With Justice League set for a late 2017 release, fans will have a chance to get to know several of the characters ahead of their solo films.

Three major characters that have been missing from Justice League casting so far are Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter, and Green Lantern. Kendra Saunders version of Hawkgirl had a run on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, with the first season centering on her 4,000 year battle with Vandal Savage; while Supergirl revealed J’onn J’onzz/Martian Manhunter as a major character half ways through its first season. However, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan or otherwise) has not made any appearances in the DCEU since the 2011 film starring Ryan Reynolds.

Recent social media rumblings (h/t to CB) have begun to suggest that WB and DC may have their eyes on someone to revive the character. After being followed by Geoff Johns, President of DC Entertainment, and getting a congratulatory tweet from future DC star Joe Manganiello, could Armie Hammer be joining the DCEU? There has been absolutely no confirmation from Hammer or anyone in the DCEU camp, but that didn’t stop the actor from trolling fans who jumped to conclusions. In a series of tweets, Hammer teased that he had a big announcement for fans.

Good one, Armie. Several hours after his “big announcement,” the actor tweeted to Manganiello saying, “So good to see you dude! Great to catch up… see you in a few days.” To which Manganiello replied, “Yeah man, so stoked and congrats again!” As if the first exchange wasn’t enough, this second nondescript conversation really got tongues wagging.

Whether DC has been licking its wounds or diligently trying to figure out a way to legitimately reintroduce the Green Lantern Corps into this new shared universe, the fact remains that the studio has been quiet on Green Lantern front for years. If there are plans to added the protector of space sector 2814 to the DCEU, fans are likely to get the type of small cameo seen in Batman vs Superman that introduced Ezra Miller’s Flash or Ray Fisher’s Cyborg.

Could Armie Hammer be prepping for a reboot of Hal Jordan? Or is he fooling everyone and will go red to give fans Guy Gardner?

Source: CB


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