Assassin’s Creed Director Discusses Possible Sequel’s Time Period

Assassin's Creed Director Discusses Possible Sequel's Time Period
assassins creed movie scenes spanish Assassins Creed Director Discusses Possible Sequels Time Period

Kurzel goes on to explain the methodology behind the varying time periods of the franchise:

“I think there’s great scope there to kind of go into. I think you have to go into volatile points of history, that’s why The Spanish Inquisition work so well, because you got something the assassins could rally against in terms of the religious persecution that was going on there.”

Drama is always heightened when set on the backdrop of social unrest. The Spanish Inquisition was a time of endless bloody battles spurred by religious convictions and power. However, it was also a period when many of the world’s greatest philosophers, inventors, and thinkers made their mark as well.

A huge draw of the Assassin’s Creed franchise is that it affords its audience a chance to not only engage in a fun action-adventure, but also an exciting opportunity to learn about the past organically. While the graphics, breathtaking visuals and dynamic action initially attracted players to the property, it also gives them a rare opportunity to literally walk through history – supplying encyclopedic breakdowns of significant characters and moments from the past, as to further set it apart from other button-mashing experiences. It seems Kurzel is acutely aware of the strengths of the series – so hopefully, Assassin’s Creed will prove successful enough to actually get a sequel at all.


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