Assassin’s Creed Movie VR Experience Coming to Select AMC Theaters

Assassin's Creed Movie VR Experience Coming to Select AMC Theaters
Assassins Creed 2016 Movie Poster Assassins Creed Movie VR Experience Coming to Select AMC Theaters

The Assassin’s Creed movie VR experience will make its debut tonight at The Game Awards before making itself available for free on Oculus video for the Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR. Those without access to VR gear can also try out the Assassin’s Creed experience on Facebook as a non-VR 360-degree video. The content itself was shot on-location during Assassin’s Creed’s production in Malta and at Practical Magic’s Burbank studio and offers the viewer a glimpse into the world of the Spanish Inquisition through the eyes of a member of The Assassin’s secret society.

Right now, VR’s biggest hurdle is the prohibitive cost of entry — a high-end headset and a PC powerful enough to operate the hardware can cost in the range of $2,000. On the positive side, the technology is finally reaching the level of quality VR pioneers and sci-fi writers envisioned decades ago. The Assassin’s Creed film represents an overlap between video game players and sci-fi fans, which is also the ideal demographic to champion this fledgling industry. The fact that the film’s story revolves around Michael Fassbender’s character, Callum/Aguilar, exploring an artificially rendered world is just perfectly meta.

As exciting as VR can be, it’s not for everybody, it can have several harsh physical effects. For some users, VR’s 3D immersion creates the feeling of motion sickness. Long periods immersed in VR can also lead to headaches as well as eye strain. Many people also feel self-conscious wearing cumbersome VR goggles; you can cross them off the list for trying the kiosks out in busy public spaces. Factor in the Assassin’s Creed experience kiosk’s limited availability and AMC’s intentions as a VR ambassador may just amount to an insignificant drop in VR’s PR bucket.

The Assassin’s Creed movie VR experience installations will run from December 02 until January 01, 2017.


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