Bad Boys 4 Moves To May 2019

Bad Boys 4 Moves To May 2019
bad boys 3 villains writer Bad Boys 4 Moves To May 2019

Carnahan has so far played things close to the chest, where it regards the story and setup for Bad Boys for Life. It’s certainly possible that the film will serve as a soft reboot of the Bad Boys franchise and/or attempt to pave the way for a future installment that doesn’t involve either Smith or Lawrence (say, by introducing one or both of their kids with a “passing the torch” storyline). For his part, Carnhan hasn’t given any indication to date that he’s thinking about the Bad Boys series beyond movie #3 right now – suggesting that all he’s really focused on is making just one more Bad Boys movie that “works” for modern audiences, rather than a franchise relaunch.

Sony, however, is clearly hoping for more than just one more Bad Boys film – and if Bad Boys for Life works out well, the studio might look to Carnahan to tackle the fourth installment too. Carnahan has yet to direct a sequel to any of his own films and his collective body of work (including, Smokin’ Aces, The A-Team and The Grey) is all the more eclectic and interesting for it. The filmmaker already has another project in development to follow Bad Boys for Life, in the form of the assassin thriller Five Against a Bullet. That plan could change of course, should Carnahan succeed in delivering the exciting and unique third Bad Boys movie that fans of the franchise – and Sony – are hoping for.


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