Ben Affleck Refuses to Direct a

Ben Affleck Refuses to Direct a
Ben Affleck Solo Movie Ben Affleck Refuses to Direct a Mediocre Batman Film

Ben Affleck is not the only one that loves his superhero status. The actor also discussed with EW how his kids feel that their father is the Dark Knight. “They love it,” Affleck explained. “My son especially. He’s going to be 5, and he’s in full superhero geek mode. He still sort of thinks I might really be Batman. I know he’ll realize eventually I have feet of clay, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

Affleck’s comments regarding not making a “mediocre” Batman film are not all that surprising. The actor has consistently made similar statements when discussing the script’s status. Batman is arguably the most popular comic book hero ever, and while any film starring the character is likely to be a smash hit, a terrible film could derail the future of that incarnation. Just look at Batman & Robin, which was never intended to be the last film in the Schumacher series of Batman films.

Generally considered one of the worst comic book adaptations in cinematic history, Batman & Robin‘s laughable performance led to the eventual reboot of the character in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. While there are likely few fans who believe Ben Affleck would ever create a Batman film as universally despised, it is still nice to know the director/writer is taking his time in an effort to do the world’s greatest detective justice.


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