Black Panther Casts Ready Player One’s Letita Wright as Serita

Black Panther Casts Ready Player One's Letita Wright as Serita

Marvel Studios will be soon be releasing their 14th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Doctor Strange and will take fans back to the origin stories of Phase 1. Now that Phase 3 is rolling along, Marvel is able to experiment a bit more with how they introduce characters, which allowed them to bring in both Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) for Captain America: Civil War. Both characters were introduced to audiences before getting their own films, and while Spider-Man gets his chance next year, fans anxiously awaiting Black Panther have to wait a bit longer.

Throughout the wait, Black Panther has continued to stay in the news by bringing on Ryan Coogler as the director, and putting incredibly talented people such as Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, or Forest Whitaker alongside Boseman. It appears all of the major roles have been filled so far, but Marvel is continuing to round out the cast.

Variety is reporting that Letitia Wright will be joining the cast of Black Panther as well. She is reportedly playing the role of Serita, according to Variety‘s own Justin Kroll on Twitter. If this is the case, she appears to be a completely original character for the movie, but with three members of the Dora Milajea already cast, Wright could easily step in to be the fourth member of the king’s bodyguard team.

Black Panther Casts Ready Player One's Letita Wright as Serita

Wright is a relatively new actresses on the movie level, after mainly appearing in TV shows such as Banana and Cucumber. That said, she has also nabbed a role in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One so she must have some talent. She is one of the younger cast members to date, but has the look that makes it easy to imagine her as part of the Dora Milajea. Then again, she could also be any number of citizens that will populate Wakanda, so it is not very beneficial to speculate too much as to what type of role she will be in.

The addition of Wright at this stage, and other casting news of late, should ensure that the film will have no trouble meeting the early 2017 start of production that has previously been revealed. Expect more casting announcements to come out in the lead up to filming and even throughout as Marvel continues to fill out this new corner of the universe.


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