Blade Runner 2 Set Visit Contest Announced by Ryan Gosling

Blade Runner is easily one of the most iconic sci-fi films of all time. The film, which came out in 1982, follows Deckard, a futuristic hit man called a blade runner (Harrison Ford) as he tracks four targets who have illegally come to Earth. The Ridley Scott flick was extremely influential in its genre and garnered fans across generations, so many were thrilled to learn last year that follow-up Blade Runner 2 was in development.

To capitalize on the original’s success, the film will see Scott on board as a producer, while and Ford will also return as Deckard. But the production is also bringing a lot of new talent, including Drive star Ryan Gosling and acclaimed filmmaker Denis Villeneuve (Sicario, Arrival) who has taken on directorial duties.

As Blade Runner 2 commences filming in Budapest, non-Hungarian fans don’t have much of a way to get their information fix. Luckily, Ryan Gosling threw us all a bone earlier today when he released a video from the set — and invited fans to join him there. Check it out, above.

Blade Runner 2 Set Visit Contest Announced by Ryan Gosling

The video advertises a contest sponsored by nonprofit Omaze, which uses celebrity power for the greater good. In this instance, the contest asks entrants to donate to the Enough Project, Imerman Angels, and The Hummingbirds Project to earn them a shot at the grand prize. Those charities seek to repair sociopolitical problems in Africa, aid those affected by cancer, and benefit women and children in need, respectively. The official contest description, which caters to Blade Runner fans, is as follows:

“Replicants and human flesh-beings rejoice! The Blade Runner series is back and Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford are inviting you and a guest to join them in experiencing a dystopian future in the present day. For the price of a movie ticket, you could fly to Budapest, take a tour of the set and watch a scene come to life. Afraid of spoilers? We can cover your ears for the latter. You’ll also get to sit down for a private lunch with Ryan himself, so make sure you come Hungary. (Sorry, we’ll see ourselves out.) Some moments are lost in time like tears in the rain; our cameras will make sure this isn’t one of them. Pictures, flights and hotel are all included.”

Fans can purchase anywhere between 100 (for $10) and 100,000 (for $10,000) entries to win a trip to the Budapest set, with many of the donations unlocking bonus prizes, like an original Blade Runner poster or an origami unicorn paperweight. All in all, this looks like a great way to get fans psyched for the film — and psyched to do some good — and it’s awesome to see Gosling and Ford actively participating. So, if you want to go nerd out in Hungary with some incredible stars, go here and enter!

Blade Runner 2 premieres in theaters on October 6, 2017.


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