Captain Planet Movie Being Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio

Captain Planet Movie Being Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio

Captain Planet was the titular character of Captain Planet and the Planeteers and its sequel series, The New Adventures of Captain Planet. The two series ran from 1990 to 1996, and featured Captain Planet as he defended the Earth from eco-villains. Both shows also featured five Planeteers who were given magical rings by the spirit, Gaia, which allowed the holder to control the elements of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart. When their powers were combined, the five Planeteers could summon Captain Planet. The series was one of many prominent educational entertainment series in the 1990s, and there have been numerous attempts to adapt it to the big screen.

Several years ago a Captain Planet film was discussed at Sony, before the studio let the rights lapse. A new report states that Paramount is in talks to acquire the rights to the 1990s cartoon, and is looking to bring on Jono Matt and Glen Powell (Scream Queens) to pen the script. More interesting is news that Leonardo DiCaprio will join the film as a producer, should Paramount complete its bid to acquire the film rights.

THR reports that DiCaprio’s Appian Way has become interested in the project after recently signing a first-look deal with Paramount. Sources indicate that the take on the character may be different than what audiences saw in the cartoon, however, as apparently the story finds Captain Planet as a “washed up hasbeen who needs the kids more than they need him.”

Captain Planet Movie Being Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio

While that take may earn the ire of Captan Planet purists (if there is such a thing), having a new angle on the concept may have been the only way to get the studio’s interest, as one wonders whether or not the earnestness of original series would appeal to the target demographic of today without some kind of update to the titular character. How his change in circumstances will play out in the new movie is something we’ll have to wait to see, but it seems the film is readying itself for a redemption story of sorts.

As for DiCaprio, his interest in the project is not surprising. The actor is a noted environmentalist who has spoken about climate change in front of the United Nations, as well as utilizing his Oscar acceptance speech to draw attention to the subject. The film, regardless of how different it may be from the series, will still likely tackle the ramifications of pollution, which is a cause near to DiCaprio’s heart. There are so far no indications that either Powell or DiCaprio would star in the project, but perhaps a cameo of sorts would be in order.

Screen Rant will keep you updated with more news regarding the Captain Planet film as it develops.


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