Clint Eastwood May Direct Kidnapping Drama Impossible Odds

Clint Eastwood May Direct Kidnapping Drama Impossible Odds

There is perhaps no other active American actor, writer and director quite as well-known and professionally accomplished as Clint Eastwood – having proven himself to be over the course of his sixty-plus years in the filmmaking industry. Serving in roles both in front of and behind the camera, the Oscar-winning Hollywood talent has served to define the stereotypical archetype of masculinity within the cultural context of mainstream society, and has served to produce some of the best movies of all time across genres.

With such iconic films as the American Western Unforgiven and the boxing drama Million Dollar Baby (both of which won Eastwood Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director) under his belt, the former TV performer has come a long way since his early work with Sergio Leone (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) and Don Siegel (Dirty Harry); having since proven himself to be a more than capable filmmaker in his own right. Now word has it Eastwood may have found his next directorial effort, in the form of the kidnapping drama Impossible Odds.

According to THR, Eastwood may tackle the real life story of American aid worker Jessica Buchanan next in Impossible Odds: a film based on the memoir of the same name co-written by Buchanan, her husband Erik Landemalm, and Anthony Flacco. The new movie will relate the tumultuous journey that Buchanan faced when, in October 2011, she was sold to a group of Somalian land pirates, and after the course of ninety-three days was finally rescued when President Barack Obama approved the engagement of SEAL Team 6 to extract and rescue both Buchanan and her fellow captive colleague.

Clint Eastwood May Direct Kidnapping Drama Impossible Odds

Eastwood appear set to continue directing homegrown, crowd-pleasing, tales of valor and patriotism with Impossible Odds, following his recent work on the similar true story-based films American Sniper and this year’s Sully. While some might miss the days when Eastwood tended to star in his own directorial efforts, the aging filmmaker appears more comfortable of late staying offscreen and instead telling stories about real-life Americans instead – though, here’s to hoping that we haven’t seen the last of the Dirty Harry and Man With No Name actor himself on the big screen.

Impossible Odds will be produced with frequent Eastwood home studio Warner Bros. Pictures, after Clear Pictures Entertainment and Silver Reel Partners made several bids to option Buchanan’s story for the big screen, back in 2013. The film will be written by Eastwood’s Mystic River collaborator, Brian Helgeland, and might just prove to be another impressive American drama from the award-winning director for Eastwood fans the world over to enjoy.

Screen Rant will bring you more information on Impossible Odds as it becomes available.


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