DCEU Film Being Scripted By Bumblebee Spinoff Writer

DCEU Film Being Scripted By Bumblebee Spinoff Writer

Ever since Marvel’s The Avengers earned widespread critical praise and $1.5 billion at the worldwide box office, shared cinematic universes have become the norm in Hollywood. Studios are constantly looking for ways to maximize their tentpole properties, and that includes producing spinoff films in between installments of the core series. Paramount will try their hand at this in 2018, when a Transformers movie focusing on fan-favorite character Bumblebee is released in theaters. That project is seen as a more cost-effective entry in the franchise – relatively speaking, of course.

Bumblebee was penned by newcomer Christina Hodson, whose previous credits include this fall’s Shut In. She has also made the Black List (a collection of the best unmade screenplays) three times in her career, so she potentially is a star on the rise. After impressing Paramount executives with her work on Bumblebee, Hodson will soon turn her attention to another massive series: the DC Extended Universe.

Per The Wrap, Hodson is in line to pen a Birds of Prey film for Warner Bros – a project that has been rumored since late last year. It is said that the movie will feature multiple female superheroes (and probably villains) in the DC Universe. Margot Robbie, who stole the show as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad this summer, is on-board to reprise the role and produce. The assumption is that Birds of Prey will take the spot of the oft-rumored Harley Quinn standalone movie. It will be fascinating to see which characters are part of the team, and who is cast in the parts. DC has thus far attracted top-notch thespians to their movies, so they should be able to land some more A-listers.

DCEU Film Being Scripted By Bumblebee Spinoff Writer

In its early stages, the DCEU has delivered a trio of divisive films that have been heavily criticized by fans for their stories. The notion of a Transformers scribe coming over to work in the DC world may make some viewers feel uneasy, given that Transformers has never been much of a critical darling. Still, it’s important to give Hodson a chance to prove herself. Her time as a screenwriter is just getting started, and the argument can be made that the Transformers series could use a new voice to mix things up. That she’s been featured on the Black List multiple times is a testament to her talent, so it’s clear she has the ability to craft a compelling narrative. Bumblebee could end up being a fun, entertaining romp. Time will tell.

Moviegoers will get a better idea of what to expect out of the Transformers spinoff when a director is announced, but it’s encouraging that the film’s writer is on the uprise, getting work for high-profile projects. Something about Hodson’s work is appealing to the studio bosses, and it should be interesting to watch her career evolve overtime. Hollywood is making strides to diversify in front of and behind the camera, so hopefully Hodson can be highly successful.


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