Deadpool Story Recapped As A Rap Song

Deadpool beat a lot of odds when it premiered earlier this year. The long-gestating project had been in the works for over a decade, and was limited to a $58 million budget — less than half of the original Iron Man’s allotment — when it was finally greenlit for production. But it became one of 20th Century Fox’s biggest dark horses when it premiered earlier this year, bringing home a staggering $782 million at the worldwide box office, landing rave reviews, and breaking record as the highest grossing R-rated film of all time.

After the movie’s surprise success, Fox fast tracked its sequel. They announced plans for a follow-up shortly after Deadpool hit theaters, with a release date currently slated for early 2018. The second film has been frequenting headlines as of late due to director Tim Miller’s sudden exit. The departure reportedly stemmed from creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds, with a new update pointing to a clash over who should be cast as his co-star, Cable. David Leitch (John Wick), Drew Goddard (The Cabin In the Woods), and Magnus Martens (Luke Cage) have all since been touted as possible replacements.

Behind scenes drama aside, one of Deadpool’s selling points was its raunchy, antihero humor — a push that follows the comedic stylings of fellow Marvel hit Guardians of the Galaxy. As fans continue to grapple with the franchise’s director fallout, YouTubers The Warp Zone have revitalized Deadpool’s beloved wisecracks via their latest “Recap Raps” installment.

Deadpool Story Recapped As A Rap Song

As its tagline suggests, the video recounts Deadpool’s blundering storyline with a series of hilariously witty rhymes. “The cure’s inside of some f—ed up institution that tortures him until he turns into a mutant / Like Ajax, Francis, either way insidious turns a f—ing idiot real f—ing hideous,” they recite over an old-school hip-hop beat. Certainly, The Warp Zone’s own tone in their videos seems perfectly suited to the humor of the Merc with a Mouth himself, making it a fun video for fans of the film.

The clip is the sixth The Warp Zone’s “Recap Raps” series. Since launching in early August, they’ve also covered other geek favorites like The Dark Knight trilogy, Captain America: Civil War, Pokemon, and The Flash. It may be a silly video — one that simply recaps the Deadpool movie — but after a rough few weeks and the Deadpool 2 director search still ongoing, it’s also a fresh reminder of why fans fell in love with Deadpool in the first place.


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