Deathstroke Actor Joe Manganiello Roots For Anna Kendrick as Robin

Deathstroke Actor Joe Manganiello Roots For Anna Kendrick as Robin

Fans have been stoked since Ben Affleck revealed Deathstroke would join the DC Extended Universe in Justice League, as well as being the primary antagonist in The Batman. Not long after, Geoff Johns confirmed the rumors about Joe Manganiello portraying the super-lethal mercenary. Aside from Affleck, Manganiello, and J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon, no other casting details have emerged for the solo Bat-flick thus far.

However, actress Anna Kendrick recently lobbied Ben Affleck for a female Robin role in The Batman. While her interest in the sidekicking might be half-serious, she already has one major booster – Deathstroke himself.

In a recent Instagram photo, Joe Manganiello showed his support for Kendrick’s entry into the DCEU as Robin. While attending the Mohegan Sun Casino’s 20th anniversary event, which also featured performances from Fergie, Carrie Underwood, and KISS, the two posed for a would-be Batman casting still. The accompanying caption stated “#Deathstroke and #Robin.” Check out the intense team up below:

#Deathstroke and #Robin #MoheganSun20

A photo posted by Joe Manganiello (@joemanganiello) on Oct 15, 2016 at 8:26pm PDT

So far, Affleck hasn’t tipped his hat as to whether or not any variation of Robin will show up in his Bat-movie. Numerous storylines have been teased for The Batman (or Batman or whatever the film’s title winds up), including a Red Hood tie-in fueled by the confirmation of Jason Todd’s “death” in Batman V Superman – now unlikely in the wake of the Deathstroke news. At the same time, the script will probably undergo a tweak or two before filming gets underway. Perhaps a female version of Robin could sneak into The Batman or is in the works under the radar. Even if Affleck’s film is sidekick-less or features a male Robin, Kendrick could still land a role in it, if only as a cameo or Easter egg.

A female Robin would be an exciting element to introduce to the DCEU. Since Batman is older in the DCEU, Kendrick – who isn’t age appropriate for Carrie Kelley’s teenage Robin – could portray an iteration of Stephanie Brown, who goes on to become Batgirl and the Spoiler. Seeing as J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon character is already in The Batman, the actress certainly would make a great Barbara Gordon, which could set up either Batgirl or Oracle parts in future films, including a rumored Birds of Prey movie.

However, it’s unclear how serious Kendrick’s pursuit of a role in the DCEU actually is. Not long ago, the actress also made headlines after expressing interest in tying on Squirrel Girl’s bushy tail. If, for some strange (and fun) reason, she was cast in both cinematic universes, things could get pretty darn confusing in superhero movie world.

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