Disney CEO Comments on Future Star Wars Movies

Disney CEO Comments on Future Star Wars Movies
Star Wars Younglings Disney CEO Comments on Future Star Wars Movies

While it is well short of an announced title or, even, subject matter, it is nonetheless confirmation that a third “anthology” movie is actively in the works (which may not be that surprising in retrospect, as Iger has already confirmed that the film has a writer playing around with a script). And it also opens up a whole new guessing game for rabid fans who will need something with which to while the time away once Rogue One has hit theaters and the year countdown begins for Episode VIII.

So let us start right now. We already know that Ewan McGregor is willing to reprise Obi-Wan Kenobi in a future spinoff; Alden Ehrenreich, who has been cast as the young Han Solo for the second anthology entry, has signed a contract for three films, making for yet another potential trilogy set within the larger movie series. And there’s always the possibility of resurrecting none other than SW creator George Lucas’s own proposed spinoff story, following a group of youngling Jedi during the Clone Wars.

But all of these never-straying-far-from-the-main-movies ideas are just the tip of the narrative iceberg. Why not jump back one thousand years in the past to tell the canon story of how the Sith Wars went down? Or why not skip a few centuries into the future and see what the legacy of the Skywalker family has morphed into – and how it could potentially be used as the justification for the next round of interstellar wars? We have a whole list of more experimental subjects, and we’re hoping that Iger will be bold enough to greenlight at least some of them.


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