Disney World Video Shows Off Avatar Theme Park Animatronic

The uncanny ability of Disney to bring people into worlds never before imagined and provide onscreen entertainment that continuously evolves and expands has perhaps never been more impressive than it currently is. Yes, Disney has always been one of the most accomplished entertainment conglomerates in the business, but over the past several years, the Mouse House has latched on to some huge properties like Marvel Comics, Star Wars and Avatar.

Not just content to ensure that fans of franchises like Star Wars or Avatar will have a steady stream of films over the next few years, Disney is also heavily invested in creating actual theme parks for these universes. Both the upcoming Star Wars Land and Pandora: The World of Avatar are in the process of being built at Walt Disney World Florida. Given the ongoing success of both these franchises as well as Avatar’s reign as the highest grossing film of all time, Disney is poised to deliver some serious entertainment to those who crave it.

So far, recent concept photos of Pandora: The World of Avatar as well as one real-life image of a bridge have given fans a vague sort of idea as to what’s to be expected. In addition to this, a brief but enticing Disney video presentation earlier this year showcased the immersive qualities of the park. In keeping with their tradition of teasing bits and pieces of what’s in store at Pandora: The World of Avatar, Disney has now provided a very brief promo clip (above) of one of the animatronic Na’vi – a Shaman of Songs character – welcoming future visitors.

Disney World Video Shows Off Avatar Theme Park Animatronic


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