Doctor Strange Director Spent ‘Extreme’ Amount to Land Marvel Job

Doctor Strange Director Spent ‘Extreme’ Amount to Land Marvel Job

Thanks to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they are having a much easier time attracting highly talented individuals to be a part of the universe both in front of and behind the camera. These people have various motives to join the universe, but almost everyone who has joined has benefited from it. With people being as interested in their films as ever, it means that Marvel has an even tougher job of narrowing down their choices.

For Doctor Strange, they eventually landed on getting Scott Derrickson to direct the movie, but it was not an easy road. Derrickson recently revealed that he spent an extreme amount of his own money in order to impress Marvel enough with his presentation that eventually landed him the job.

During an interview with Yahoo7 Be, Derrickson was asked about the process that he took to get the job. He said, “spent an extreme amount of money in creating my visual presentation to get this job.” As for what in particular he spent his hard earned money on, he developed story boards, wrote a 12-page scene involving a major set piece that was used in the final cut of the film, created concept art, and finished it off with a 90-minute presentation. Luckily for him, he not only landed the job, but Marvel had to buy these materials off of him:

The great thing was that when I got the job they had to buy it all off me. Because one of the set pieces in the middle of the movie was one of the scenes that I wrote and they had to own everything, because a lot of it ended up being in the movie we made. So I got a lot of that money back. But I was committed, I was going to out-spend every competing director.

Doctor Strange Director Spent ‘Extreme’ Amount to Land Marvel Job

Derrickson has previously confessed that he is a life-long Doctor Strange fan, and the passion is clearly shown. This decision to spend an enormous amount of his own money to try and win the job was a conscious one:

I just knew that to get the job I had to show that I wanted it more than anyone.

He certainly proved that to Marvel during this process, and it appears to have been the smart move for both parties involved. Derrickson is poised to be a breakout name amongst casual fans should Doctor Strange be the hit that everyone is expecting it to be, and Marvel appears to have found the right man for the job and continue their trend of shining the spotlight on lesser known talents. Derrickson has appeared to have enjoyed working on the film, and should be their first choice to return in the director’s chair for the potential sequel.


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