Doctor Strange Gets the 8-Bit Treatment

Doctor Strange</strong> is rapidly working its way up the ranks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s already one of the most acclaimed movies in the MCU and it recently became one of Marvel’s most successful origin movies. Its popularity is now beginning to stretch into other aspects of American culture as it approaches “phenomenon” status. In a year dominated by more well-known Marvel and DC properties at the box office, the world is taking serious notice of Doctor Strange.

Marvel’s newest blockbuster still has a long way to go to reach the likes of Captain America: Civil War or Deadpool in the U.S. box office, but to see a lesser-known, more unconventional Marvel superhero experience such success is a welcome sight for fans. What the aforementioned movies do not have, however, is a gamified tribute thanks to CineFix’s popular “8-bit Cinema” series – Doctor Strange just became the first Marvel movie of the year to go retro.

CineFix released the 8-bit version of Doctor Strange on its YouTube page, and the result is as entertaining as the movie itself. It pays tribute to the film’s many memorable action scenes, including Doctor Strange’s first fight with Kaecilius (and his own cape) and the tripped-out battle in the mirror dimension through a warped, twisted New York City. Like any great adventure game would do, Doctor Strange’s final battle (as he comes to bargain with Dormammu) makes the whole thing worth it.

Doctor Strange Gets the 8-Bit Treatment


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