Don’t Breathe Director & 10 Cloverfield Lane Writer Adapting Incognito

Don't Breathe Director & 10 Cloverfield Lane Writer Adapting Incognito

Originally published by Marvel Comics imprint Icon Comics way back in 2008 as a six-issue limited series, Incognito is a much beloved collaboration between writer Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips – whose ongoing work together on the true crime serial Criminal has cemented the two independent talents as titans of the comic book industry. For those in the know, the former superhero series has been optioned in the past for a feature length adaption by both 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Incognito revolves around central protagonist Zack Overkill, who once served as a super villain under the employ of the series’ primary antagonist The Black Death. Serving out the rest of his life under the careful watch of the Witness Protection Program as a mail carrier, Zack suddenly discovers a means by which he can regain his super-strength by mixing drugs of different kinds, subsequently develops a conscience, and becomes a vigilante who attracts the vengeful attention of his former employer. What’s more, the latest word has a feature length adaptation finally coming together at Sony with two premiere genre film talents attached.

According to Collider, Fede Alavarez – the director of this fall’s horror movie hit Don’t Breathe – and Daniel Casey – who worked on the script for the surprise crowdpleaser 10 Cloverfield Lane from earlier this year – have been assigned to produce an Incognito movie for Sony. The new movie will serve in place of whatever plans 20th Century Fox and former screenwriter Robert Schenkken (All the Way) had in mind for the project previous to the acquisition of the property by Sony.

Don't Breathe Director & 10 Cloverfield Lane Writer Adapting Incognito

Thus far, Alvarez can seemingly do no wrong, seeing as how his remake of the Evil Dead feature franchise from 2013 only served to endear him to genre fans the world over – who subsequently lapped up everything he had to offer in his latest film Don’t Breathe. Furthermore, hiring a relatively unknown and untested writer like Casey – keeping his most recent work on a taut thriller like 10 Cloverfield Lane in mind – could bode well when adapting Brubaker and Phillips’ original crime drama to the big screen.

Incognito is among the many cherished works of comic book fiction generated by Brubaker and Phillips over the years, and as such any talks of adapting it to the big screen would need to be handled with some care and discretion for the original comic’s subtle themes and tone. That being said, Alvarez definitely knows how to deliver a satisfying mainstream thriller, and pairing him with up-and-coming screenwriter Casey might just result in a highly original superhero movie.     

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