Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver First Look Images & Details

Edgar Wright's Baby Driver First Look Images & Details

Edgar Wright's Baby Driver First Look Images & Details
Baby Driver Edgar Wrights Baby Driver First Look Images & Details

Wright also wasn’t too keen on giving too much away about the upcoming film, though he did give an idea of roughly how many songs can be expected to be played throughout Baby Driver:

“I’ll wait until nearer the time [of release]. You don’t want somebody to go, ‘Oh, that’s a good idea for this advert that comes out three months before!’ It’s quite a wide range of music, though. There’s about 35 songs in the movie and they range from very famous to more obscure. It’s supposed to reflect the character’s extremely eclectic taste in music.”

This time around however, the Shaun of the Dead filmmaker seems to be veering further away from comedy as a key component of the film – though he does insist that there are comedic elements to it:

“It’s an action crime film. It’s funny in places but it’s not a comedy. It gets genuinely tense and threatening. That was actually a fun thing for me — to do dramatic or thriller scenes which just up the ante.”

Lastly, among Baby Driver’s cast – which along with the aforementioned Elgort and James also includes Jamie Foxx, John Hamm and John Bernthal (Daredevil) -Wright was particularly taken aback by the skills of Kevin Spacey:

“He’s amazing. I had a slight out of body experience, the first day on set with [him]. His first scene was a big monologue scene, and he started doing it, and even though we’d done a table read and we’d rehearsed it, when we were doing a take, I was just completely lost in the moment of him talking. Then I thought, Oh, yeah, I wrote this! [Laughs] I was briefly hypnotized by Spacey — and him spitting out my words was an absolute joy.”

All in all, this already sounds like a very unique production. Fans have been waiting so long for something new from Edgar Wright – not to mention dealing with the disappointment of his departure from Ant-Man – that there’s sure to be ample delight in Baby Driver‘s arrival next summer.


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