First Logan Trailer Is Classified

First Logan Trailer Is Classified

Fans of the X-Men movie franchise have had an interesting month as Twentieth Century Fox revs up their marketing efforts for next year’s Logan – the third solo Wolverine film that supposedly marks Hugh Jackman’s final time donning the adamantium claws. In lieu of more traditional promotional materials, the early stages of Logan advertising consisted mainly of cryptic black-and-white images on social media, providing the vaguest of teases for the film’s characters and locations. These have offered intriguing clues as to what’s to come, but some viewers are growing tired of the practice and want something a bit more substantial.

Many have started to theorize that the first teaser trailer for Logan will make its way online this Sunday, October 23 (or X/23, in reference to the X-23 character from the film). It would appear that hypothesis could be correct. On the heels of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 having its first theatrical preview classified (ahead of the U.K. premiere of Doctor Strange), the same can now be said for Logan.

The news comes courtesy of Trailer Track, which says the teaser runs for 1 minute, 46 seconds. Given Logan‘s R-rated superhero-meets-Western tone, it fittingly has been branded with a 15 rating by the BBFC. It’s also been reported that there is a version edited down for a 12A rating. This most likely means that American audiences will be treated to red and green band trailers for Logan, similar to the studio’s approach used for Deadpool last year. Much has been made in the early going of fully unleashing Wolverine for this movie, so it makes sense for the marketing to embrace the more adult nature.

First Logan Trailer Is Classified

Strangely for a tentpole that’s five months away, very little is known about Logan at this point in time. Fans have checked out the rumor mill for possible plot details, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The hope is that the trailer sheds some clarity on the project and provides at least an outline of the core narrative, allowing audiences to see what’s at stake for Wolverine this time around. Speculation has suggested Logan and his beloved mentor Charles Xavier are essentially on their last days in the year 2024, protecting a young girl mutant who has claws of her own. If Jackman truly is stepping down following Logan, there could be a passing of the torch scenario to continue the franchise for the future.

Over the course of 16 years, the X-Men series has had its fair share of ups and downs, with this summer’s X-Men: Apocalypse seen as a mixed bag. The hope is that Jackman’s swan song will be one of the more memorable offerings, and the pieces are certainly in place for something worthwhile. Mangold’s own The Wolverine received positive reviews in 2013, so he knows how to craft impactful stories in this universe with Wolverine front and center.


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