Godzilla 2 Gets New Writers; May Lead to Kong/Godzilla Writers Room

Godzilla 2 Gets New Writers; May Lead to Kong/Godzilla Writers Room

Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, can currently be seen on the big screen in Toho’s Shin Godzilla (a.k.a. Godzilla: Resurgence) and is going to headline a new animated movie from Polygon Studios in 2017. However, those who are waiting to see the version of the iconic giant monster that was featured in director Gareth Edwards’ 2014 Hollywood reboot of the Godzilla franchise back in action will have to wait until 2019 – when Godzilla 2 (official title TBA) arrives in theaters. The Godzilla (2014) sequel was originally slated to launch in 2018, but was pushed back after Edwards formally stepped down as the project’s director, earlier this year.

A replacement director for Godzilla 2 has yet to be found (officially, anyway), though the sequel has now landed a new pair of screenwriters, to help ensure that the film keeps moving forward in the meantime. It’s all the more important for Legendary and Warner Bros. Pictures that the Godzilla sequel keep on making its way down the pipeline too, given the studios’ plan to create a fresh shared cinematic universe based on the foundation formed by Godzilla (2014) and next year’s King Kong reboot, Kong: Skull Island.

Variety is reporting that Godzilla 2 is now being written by Michael Dougherty and Zach Shields; the pair that previously collaborated with Legendary on the generally well-received 2015 horror/comedy, Krampus (which Dougherty also directed). Perhaps just as interesting, if not more so, is the part of Variety’s report stating that WB and Legendary have tentative plans to create a writers room for the shared Godzilla/Kong movie universe, in order to help pave the way for the King of Monsters and Eighth Wonder of the World’s title match in Godzilla vs. Kong (currently scheduled for a 2020 theatrical release).

Godzilla 2 Gets New Writers; May Lead to Kong/Godzilla Writers Room

Writers rooms/groups have been assembled for a number of the “cinematic universes” that are currently in some stage of development. Examples include the Transformers movie universe that has been plotted out for the next decade over at Paramount Pictures, as well as the rebooted Monster Universe from Universal Pictures that will fully kick-off in 2017 (with Alex Kurtzman’s The Mummy) and the Hasbro film universe that’s still in the early stages of planning, also over at Paramount. However, whereas the aforementioned cinematic universes are being “built” to encompass several movies (sequels, spinoffs, and so on), so far Godzilla vs. Kong is the only project that WB/Legendary are planning for the time being, besides Skull Island and the Godzilla sequel.

Presumably, WB/Legendary is now gauging whether these Kong/Godzilla films actually need a writers room – in order to make sure they are better organized and connected with one another – or if that’s not necessary, in this case. In the meantime, Kong: Skull Island continues to both look and sound promising, while Godzilla 2 now has a talented pair of writers overseeing its development. So, all discussion of “cinematic universes” aside, things are looking up for fans of these two particular legendary (giant) monsters of the big screen.


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