Hamilton Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Interested in Playing Carnage

Hamilton Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Interested in Playing Carnage

One of the biggest phenomenons of the past 1-2 years has been the Broadway musical Hamilton. The stage musical has earned high praise and has launched bigger careers for many of the people involved. Lin-Manuel Miranda is no exception to this, as the Hamilton creator’s career has blossomed. He is poised to break out even more with his musical stylings being used in Disney’s upcoming animated film Moana, prior to him being one of the main characters in Mary Poppins Returns.

This will not be the end of his continued rise to stardom, as Miranda is also working on a secret animated project with Disney, as well as a live-action version of The Little Mermaid for the Mouse House. He has started to become one of the studio’s favorite people to work with, as his credits also include work on Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens – and now he wants to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well apparently.

During the newest episode of Meet the Movie Press (via MCUExchange), co-host Simon Thompson revealed part of an interview he recently had with Miranda where the Hamilton creator revealed his desire to join the MCU. Instead of just saying he is open to any role, he already has one in mind it seems. If Marvel Studios comes calling, Miranda’s first choice would be to play the Spider-Man villain known as Carnage.

He is a big fan of Marvel and there is one particular character that he would actually like to play. It’s Carnage. He said if Disney and Marvel were looking at doing a Maximum Carnage movie or bringing Carnage in (the MCU) as a character, he wants to be Carnage. Genuinely as a fan, he would love to play Carnage. That’s a goal of his.

Hamilton Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Interested in Playing Carnage

Given his steady relationship with Disney, this should be treated slightly different then the usual “actor wants comic book role” stories. Disney loves to work with the same people over and over again, bringing them into their various departments, so if Carnage is in Marvel Studios’ plan, Miranda should already be on the inside track.

The question now becomes, whether or not Marvel Studios does have a place for Carnage. Before Carnage can be introduced, they must first bring in a proper version of the alien symbiote known as Venom. Luckily for Carnage fans and Miranda, Tony Revolori is already playing Flash Thompson (who becomes Venom in the comics) in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but it does not seem like he will make that transition in the film.

As long as the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues moving forward and the Sony/Marvel partnership works, the chances will continue to grow stronger that Carnage will one day appear. If that does happen in the next few years, Miranda would be an intriguing choice to play him. He has made his interest known, now it is up to Marvel to make the decision.


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