How Rogue One’s Jyn Erso is Similar to Alien’s Ellen Ripley

How Rogue One's Jyn Erso is Similar to Alien's Ellen Ripley
Ellen Ripley2 How Rogue Ones Jyn Erso is Similar to Aliens Ellen Ripley

These kinds of comparisons were inevitable, and indeed, it’s impossible to deny the impact that characters like Ripley, as well as Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor, have made when it comes to the modern day definition of strong onscreen female characters. Both arose from near-death situations to be the strongest members of their respective groups, with Ripley literally being the last one left standing against the Xenomorph at the end of the first Alien, similar to how Jyn is eventually pulled, unwittingly into the war efforts of the Rebellion.

While Rogue One proves to be a somewhat divisive film amongst Star Wars fans, one of the most generally agreed upon aspects of the movie is the strength of Jyn’s character and Jones’ performance. The trope of a rebellious character pulled against their will into fighting for a cause they actually believe in is one we’ve seen many times before, including in previous Star Wars films, but the backstory of the character and her overall connections to the rest of the characters in the Star Wars universe have helped to make her stand out from the rest. So whether or not she’s actually remembered as one of the all-time film greats, like Ripley or Sarah Connor, remains to be seen, but there’s no denying the strong similarities she shares with them.


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