Jack Reacher 2 Stars Talk Action Scenes & Working with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is known for kicking ass and taking names in action films. He prides himself on doing his own insane stunts and his latest film, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, is no exception. However, this time Cruise is not the only badass on the big screen. Marvel’s staple, Cobie Smulders, along with Danika Yarosh (Heroes Reborn), joins Cruise in rounding out this ass-kicking cast, and proving they all can hold their own when it comes to action and stunts.

Forced to leave his lone wolf identity in the dust, these ladies join Reacher on his latest adventure and form a dysfunctional and unconventional family unit. Cobie Smulders plays Susan Turner, Reacher’s latest love interest, while Danika Yarosh plays a troubled teenager. We caught up with both gals to talk about what it is like working and trying to keep up with the legendary Cruise, as well as learning about the overall appeal of the Jack Reacher character/franchise.

I got to say you ladies just seem to run through this whole entire movie. It’s so crazy and you’re not even winded now?

Cobie Smulders: I am, still slightly winded, yes.

There is a lot of action. Did you have any good bruises or any good story as far as bruises or being beaten up on set?

Cobie Smulders: I do have a good bruise story. Danika, I’m so excited. I have a new story. We did this scene, where we break out out of prison, there’s this moment where Reacher uses the baton to stop the door from closing and it was like a weird timed—like the door was obviously controlled by us, but there was this moment, I think the baton didn’t stick in right and the door just like shut on me and it got me on my hip and down my thigh and it just really nailed me and I had a black bruise that went up my leg and my whole hip was totally black and it was day one. This was day one!

Weren’t you getting over like a hurt foot or something like that?

Cobie Smulders: Yeah, a broken leg. Maybe it was because of that— I have a very high pain tolerance. So it was okay, but it just was funny that it’s like our first day and they are like boom shut the door on me, like a prison door, like a huge pane glass bulletproof door. It was pretty fun.

Jack Reacher 2 Stars Talk Action Scenes & Working with Tom Cruise

Why do you think Jack Reacher resonates with fans so much. I mean people love this character?

Danika Yarosh: The reason I love this character is because he’s an unconventional hero. I mean  he’s an everyday guy and he doesn’t need any special weapons or superpowers to solve crimes. And he just he always tries to help people and find the truth and to right wrongs. And he just does it in a very unconventional way sometimes and it just has a little bit of humor.

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Cobie Smulders: He has a very noble compass. Where he is always doing things and he’s doing them because they’re right and because they’re good. He’s a very honorable character.

And of course, Tom plays him. What was it like working with Tom? What did you learn from him because he’s been in the game for so long?

Danika Yarosh: It was, it was, amazing getting to work with him. I mean he kind of took it upon himself to be my teacher. You know, cuz you always learning on set by just observing and watching because no one ever goes up to you and says ‘I’m going to teach you this so pay attention,’ but that is pretty much exactly what he did. The first week on set he got me this film dictionary that had [everything] that I would ever wanted to know about every aspect of film in case there was something on set that was said and I didn’t understand and didn’t really want to ask. And he taught me about who everyone was and what they did and what their position was. And he also taught me all about stunts and keeping myself safe and he would have me come to set if he was doing a crazy stunt– have me sit right next to the camera. So I could see what angles work and how camera effects the stunts and lighting. And it just was really fascinating. It was incredible getting to learn from him since he’s the best of the best.

And yeah you didn’t just have to work with him, you got to flirt with him and that’s where the movie started, right?

Cobie Smulders: Yeah, that’s how exactly— how the characters first kind of engage with each other. My character, Susan Turner, is at his old post in the military, within the the military police unit. And yeah, they start up this conversation over the phone, which is at first is sort of helping each other out and then it becomes flirtatious and the first time these characters are supposed to meet is by Reacher coming into town to take Susan Turner out on a date – and when he arrives, he finds she’s been thrown in jail and thus begins our film.

Jack Reacher 2 Stars Talk Action Scenes & Working with Tom Cruise

I’m such a Marvel fan. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., do you want to come back?

Cobie Smulders: The show?

Yeah, the show?

Cobie Smulders: Sure! I mean I love— I mean, Clark [Gregg] is my favorite and I’ve enjoyed working with him so much and the films and on TV. I would be happy to go back, if they wanted me to, yeah!

Yeah, it’s crazy how Marvel gets it so right and I’m just hoping that DC gets there?

Cobie Smulders: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Do you guys have any idea what Reacher is eating, all the time, when he is in these diners?

Cobie Smulders: Burgers

Danika Yarosh: Burgers

Cobie Smulders: Burgers and fries

Danika Yarosh: And eggs.

Cobie Smulders: He’s very All-American. It’s very like burgers and fries, yeah.

Danika Yarosh: Burgers and fries

Yeah, that just hung with me over the whole movie. I was like what is he eating in the diner other than coffee?

Cobie Smulders: Or, just a cup of coffee. Yeah.


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