Jeff Bridges Discusses Script Difficulties on Iron Man Set

Jeff Bridges Discusses Script Difficulties on Iron Man Set
Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark and Jeff Bridges in Iron Man Jeff Bridges Discusses Script Difficulties on Iron Man Set

Luckily for Bridges and everyone else involved, these problems appeared to figure themselves out for the best. Iron Man is still regarded as one of Marvel’s better films, but as they now appear to always be in a perfect situation, this shows that even they had to go through some rough patches to start.

Marvel has built up the reputation over the past few years of a studio that can do no wrong and always being one, two, or 20 steps ahead of everyone else. This may be the case sometimes, but it is also easy to forget that they are doing things now with years of experience under their belts. For the most part, the same people in positions of power work on every film and they have started to bring more people back for multiple projects. This has worked out in their favor more times than not as of right now, and it is difficult to imagine that changing completely moving forward.

Marvel Studios has adapted their model to fit into the Hollywood machine and produce a large amount of content every year while superhero movies continue to be some of the biggest properties in existence. While they have strung together a series of successful outings, each one has had some sort of trouble at some point during various stages of production. They have so far found a way to correct these troubles, for the most part, and Bridges’ experience on Iron Man shows a young studio that has since learned from their mistakes.


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