Justice League Dark Clip Puts Constantine in a Demonic Poker Game

The upcoming R-rated Justice League Dark animated film takes us into the realm of the supernatural and features threats that are beyond the means of the Justice League to defeat. Instead, they must turn to John Constantine and other supernatural characters if they hope to defeat the coming darkness and save the day.

The animated feature pairs Constantine and a ragtag group of masters of the supernatural with Batman, a die-hard skeptic who doesn’t believe that the threat facing the world is actually supernatural at all. There may be more to the world than Batman realizes, however, and a new clip from the film shows off just one of the potential threats that fall outside of the Dark Knight’s narrow view of reality.

The clip was featured in the latest edition of DC All Access (at the 2:38 mark in the video above) and shows John Constantine taking on some demons in a game of poker. Being demons, they are blatantly cheating during the game; not only that, but they continually trash talk Constantine and even insist that stage magician David Copperfield is more powerful than he is. The demons maneuver to force Constantine to fold, but instead he ups the ante by betting the magical House of Mystery on a winner-take-all hand. Though it seems that the demon he’s playing against is holding all of the right cards to win (after some careful changes to the cards themselves), fans of Constantine already know that he’s got some other trick up his sleeve if he’s willing to make such a large bet against such an untrustworthy opponent.

Justice League Dark Clip Puts Constantine in a Demonic Poker Game


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