Kate Beckinsale Says Marvel Is Working On A Blade Project

Kate Beckinsale Says Marvel Is Working On A Blade Project

Earlier this year, Deadpool received praise for proving that an R-rated superhero movie could work. In this day and age, almost any superhero movie is primed to do respectable numbers at the box office, but Deadpool was not the first successful film of it’s kind. Blade, starring Wesley Snipes, had a successful launch in 1998, spawning two sequels as a result.

Blade has been on ice since his last appearance in 2004’s Blade: Trinity, but rumors and speculation about a return to the character have persisted for many years. Much of the previous reports involving an attempt to bring the character back have come straight from Snipes, but according to Underworld star Kate Beckinsale, Marvel has plans to use the Day Walker again.

Beckinsale is currently at New York Comic-Con and was present at the Screen Gems and Lakeshore Entertainment panel to discuss the fifth installment of the Vampires vs. Werewolves franchise, Underworld: Blood Wars. During the panel, a fan asked about a potential crossover between Selene and Blade. As Beckinsale tells it, such an idea was considered but it was ultimately shelved because Marvel currently has plans for their resident vampire hunter. In response to the question, Beckinsale said:

“No. We had that idea. No. They’re busy. They’re doing something with Blade.”

Kate Beckinsale Says Marvel Is Working On A Blade Project

While this is far from confirmation that Blade will be coming to the big or small screen in the near future, it is interesting. Beckinsale would only know this given the supposed talks about the character crossing over with her franchise, but if this is what Marvel told her, it will be interesting to see what direction they take.

The original Blade trilogy is in an odd place where Marvel could pick up a fourth Blade movie starring Snipes and still keep everything in continuity within the MCU. On the other hand, Marvel could just reboot the character. Reports from last year claimed that the character’s daughter Fallon Grey could be up for a role in the MCU as an attempt to relaunch the brand, which would allow for a small role for Snipes. However, there have also been plenty of rumors of Blade heading to Netflix in the next phase of the streaming service’s Marvel properties.

For the time being, this may be just another indication that something could be done with Blade, but it is far from official. If a Blade movie or series is in the works, Marvel will make the announcement when they are good and ready, but their jam packed schedule makes it that much more difficult to make it work.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest developments on a potential comeback for Blade.


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