Logan: Caliban is Ready for the Desert in New Image

Logan: Caliban is Ready for the Desert in New Image
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The new image fits in line perfectly with the rest of the stills and images that have been released from Logan so far, with director James Mangold and Hugh Jackman both opting to confirm character identities and rumored roles in the film with images like these over the past few weeks, rather than making official announcements. Interestingly enough, Caliban is almost unrecognizable in the image as well because of just how much his face is covered by his scarf and goggles, with the only really identifying feature being his eyes peering through the goggles themselves.

Now, in the comics, Caliban is a member of the Morlocks – a sewer-dwelling group of mutants – with a special ability to track other mutants. Judging by the brief glimpses of him found in the film’s trailer too, it seems like Caliban could play a role in how Boyd Holbrook’s Donald Pierce and his Reavers locate Laura Kinney (Dafne Keen) and Logan in the first place, with the trailer quickly cycling through shots of Caliban being tortured by those villains.

Whether or not that’s how Caliban factors into the story is, of course, for the moment unknown. Nevertheless, after his small role in Apocalypse earlier this year, the character’s presence in Logan should add an interesting wrinkle to how the other characters around him act and live, especially if he has a pre-existing relationship with Logan and Professor X (Patrick Stewart) by the time that the film begins.


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