Logan Set Photo Teases Mysterious Forbidden Location

Logan Set Photo Teases Mysterious Forbidden Location

It’s only been several days since the mysterious Wolverine trilogy-ender title was revealed to be Logan. In the following days, a page from the script and the very first poster were unveiled to the public. Also, a mysterious account has set up on Instagram under the name ‘wponx.’ Rather than some offbeat online radio station, the call sign-like Weapon X account has slowly trickled out several pictures from the forthcoming film, including one of a haggard Charles Xavier a.k.a Professor X (Patrick Stewart).

The film-based account also showed off some of the New Mexico highlights, including a gruesome severed arm, divulging more of the fully R-rated nature of the film. The most recent image to crop up, though revealing a secretive location.

The set still, unleashed once again from wponx, depicts a foreboding facility, complete with razor wire and tall fences. While it could simply be a creepy shot of the arid New Mexican landscape taken by director James Mangold during filming, each of the images released have had clear relevance to the film so far. On the eerie outpost, a sign warns passersby in Spanish (roughly translated) that “It’s forbidden by law to trespass or loiter in this area.” Is it possible this is our first glimpse at the Weapon X facility? Take a look for yourself below:


A photo posted by @wponx on Oct 8, 2016 at 7:56am PDT

During filming in New Mexico on Logan, Wolverine was reportedly seen fighting some covert government types. If so, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that this shot depicts the clandestine U.S. and Canadian joint program? A spinoff of the Weapons Plus program which created Captain America, the Weapon X Project was responsible for giving James Howlett his adamantium skeleton and claws, as well as his advanced healing abilities, turning him into Wolverine. The program (or one of its variants) is also responsible for creating, among others, Sabretooth, Deadpool, and was also indirectly responsible for Logan’s female clone, Laura Kinney (X-23) – who could also play a role Logan.

Admittedly, the classic location for the facility has always been Alberta, Canada. Of course, super-secret black ops programs have been known to relocate after their location has been declassified on purpose or by accident. The Weapons Plus program itself has held several locales across North America. If not Weapon X’s research base, the mysterious set could also be the home base of the Essex Corporation’s clandestine operations (Transigen?), since Mister Sinister was recently (sort of) confirmed as an enemy in Logan. If that’s the case, it’s entirely possible the young girl seen running around the city with Wolverine is a preteen Laura Kinney.

At this point, a few more details about the plot of the film have come to light. Reportedly set in 2024, Logan will feature a weakened Wolverine and Professor X, as well as the mutant Caliban (Stephen Merchant). Between the teaser images and the limited available info, though, James Mangold’s latest X-outing is shaping up to be one heck of a final ride for Hugh Jackman’s beloved character.

Logan opens in U.S. theaters on March 3, 2017, followed by unannounced X-Men films on October 6, 2017, March 2, 2018, and June 29, 2018. Deadpool 2GambitNew Mutants and X-Force are currently in development.


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