Logan Set Photos Reveal Details About the Film’s Villains

Logan Set Photos Reveal Details About the Film's Villains

Over the last few days, there has been a ton of promotional material coming out for Hugh Jackman’s last go around as Wolverine in Logan. Most of the the images released have merely been teasing unknown sets or out of context actions, but there have also been some looks at the cast of the film. Professor X (Patrick Stewart) appears older than ever in the movie and is reportedly mentally unstable, while Caliban’s (Stephen Merchant) look in Logan has now been unveiled too. In addition, Boyd Holbrook’s look and character have been revealed, setting him up to be one of Logan’s final foes.

All of this information has come out through official sources such as Jackman, director James Mangold, and/or the movie’s official Instagram account, but that does not mean these will be the only places to get sneak peaks at Logan prior to the first trailer release. A new (but old) set photo from the film has now surfaced – showing off Holbrook’s robotic arm and potentially his army of Reavers.

Omega Underground has revealed a couple new photos that were taken during the filming of Logan, featuring Holbrook as (Donald) Pierce with a VFX glove to add in the final touches of his hand in post-production. The photos also reveal the tactical look of the Reavers, where three of the soldiers are shown in full combat attire.

Logan Set Photos Reveal Details About the Film's Villains

One interesting thing to note, though it’s far from a sure thing, is Pierce potentially getting this new robotic arm after an encounter with Wolverine during the course of the movie or in a previous meeting. The official first look at the character in Logan did not show his right arm (which is the one with the glove in the set photos), but a previous mystery post showed the aftermath of somebody’s fight with Wolverine. This photo also features a right arm and appears to be similar in length to the robotic piece that Holbrook is wearing in these new photos.

The photos of the Reavers, who had already been reported as being in the film, do not show signs of these individuals being robotically enhanced. It is possible that they are high advanced and the robotic pieces to them are hidden, but it would seem odd then for Pierce to not do the same for himself. However, not all of the Reavers have had robotic enhancements, with bionic implants also being used before. Fans will have to wait and see what the case is for these three Reavers in particular, but it should be interesting to see how Pierce loses his arm, or if the previously mentioned photo has given it away.


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