Mel Gibson Offers Up His Opinion on Mad Max: Fury Road

Mel Gibson Offers Up His Opinion on Mad Max: Fury Road

Mel Gibson’s return to filmmaking with Hacksaw Ridge is one of the biggest stories in Hollywood in 2016. His directing talents are tremendous, but Gibson’s career began long before he went behind the camera, as he earned his breakthrough acting role in George Miller’s 1979 cult classic Mad Max. Like Miller, Gibson has a knack for riveting action set-pieces and stunning visuals as a director.

Miller showed with 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road that he still has that knack, even with a whole new cast led by Tom Hardy in the role that launched Gibson’s career. So what did the original Max Rockatansky think of Miller’s thrilling revival of the dormant Mad Max franchise? Fans who were curious about Gibson’s thoughts on Fury Road now have their answer.

Gibson was asked about Mad Max: Fury Road in a new video interview with Steve Weintraub of Collider and succinctly described the editing work by Miller and margaret Sixel as “stunning.” He also offered up his own unique description of Miller’s uncanny ability to construct consistently exciting action scenes. It’s clear that Gibson was as impressed as anyone with Miller’s work on Fury Road.

“It’s visually spectacular. It’s crazy, but that’s George. He’s a scientist, he’s the Einstein of the edit and of being able to get the pieces necessary to make a truly compelling in-your-face action sequence.”

Mel Gibson Offers Up His Opinion on Mad Max: Fury Road

Gibson also revealed near the end of the interview that he wrote four different stories during his hiatus from directing and is working on getting a new project green-lit, but for now, his focus is on promoting Hacksaw Ridge. Gibson’s enthusiasm for Miller’s work, and filmmaking in general, shines through in the video. The controversies Gibson faced in his personal life in recent years clearly haven’t slowed down his passion for creating stories on the big screen.

Unfortunately for Gibson, he may never be able to restore his personal reputation among some fans and critics. But it’s clear that he still knows how to tell compelling stories on the big screen, as evidenced by Hacksaw Ridge’s gripping trailer and strong early reviews. His comments on Fury Road illustrate that his passion for filmmaking hasn’t waned. Gibson’s apparent work on several new scripts indicate that his Hollywood comeback isn’t ending any time soon.

As for Miller and Mad Max: Fury Road, the follow-up known as Mad Max: The Wasteland is rumored to already be in production with no release date set. We’ll continue to update you on that as more information becomes available.


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