New Doctor Strange Clip Reveals First Look at [SPOILER]

[Warning: Contains minor SPOILERS for Doctor Strange.]

As Doctor Strange rolls out across the world (and soon, America), the most unusual member of the Avengers is about to shift the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s perspective. Early reviews certainly make it look like Disney has another hit on its hands, and international box office numbers are playing out this scenario as well. If all goes well with Strange’s entry, he’ll bring with him a new bag of trick to the Avengers, as well as a whole host of new adversaries.

Fans are already aware of Chiwetel Ejiofor’s somewhat friendlier Baron Mordo in the film, as well as main nemesis Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelson). At the same time, many wondered whether any other major adversaries would be introduced during the Sorcerer Surpreme’s first outing.

The latest Doctor Strange promo proves that yes, Strange-fans, there is a dark lord. The trippy clip entitled “The Multiverse” is introduced by a clean-shaven Benedict Cumberbatch. In it, he takes viewers upon a brief montage of the multiverse, including a few new clips of some of the unusual realms traversed in the film. The most curious moment for devotees of the mystical doctor arrives 41 seconds into the clip, where two massive eyes peer from the void at viewers. They arrive in concert with this ominous line of dialogue:

“There are dangers yes but wonders too, and power, so much power that in the wrong hands, anything could happen.”

Now certainly, there are plenty shots of main baddie Kaecilius to consider, but those fiery purple eyes sure look like they belong to Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension. At the end of the trailer, there’s also a distinctive moment where Strange stares into a massive purple negative space. In all likelihood, the shimmery void is one of the dreaded lord’s Sauron-like peepers.

New Doctor Strange Clip Reveals First Look at [SPOILER]

If this is our first look at Dormammu, it appears he’ll be playing a continuing role in the saga – which would make sense since he’s been antagonizing Doctor Strange since 1964. Director Scott Derrickson and Marvel have managed to keep the ruler of Mindless Ones under wraps thus far. However, early rumblings suggested that Kaecilius and his Zealots were in contact with some pretty nasty forces. Derrickson has already teased a sequel, which could very well include more from the Dark Dimension dictator as well as another old favorite, Nightmare.

Until the film’s been fully released, it’s difficult to say how much of a role, beyond a creepy cameo or end credit tag, the fearful Faltine ruler will have. If Kaecilius and his cult have awakened Dormammu, though, he’ll stop at nothing to expand his rule over Earth’s corner of the multiverse. After all, someone who lives in a fiery dimension would probably love some beachfront property.


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