New Logan Image Leaves Yet Another Body In Its Wake

New Logan Image Leaves Yet Another Body In Its Wake

The first teaser trailer for Logan promised fans a comic book film unlike any they’d seen before. Featuring a telling companion song choice in Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt,’ the trailer gave fans their first look at the return of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, aged and battered more than ever. At times, the teaser felt more like a dark character study than an action blockbuster. Judging by the fan reactions to the first trailer, it seems fair to say Logan may not be just one of the more anticipated comic book films of next year, but one of the most anticipated X-Men films to date.

Since the trailer’s release, a number of new images from Logan have been found their way online through the film’s official Instagram account, including the long-awaited confirmation that Dafne Keen will be playing X-23 in the film. While this isn’t quite as monumental an announcement as that, another new look at Logan has been released, and it sees Logan leaving yet another body in his wake.

Posted once again by wponx, the image shows Jackman standing over a presumably dead body, claws drawn, in front of an unknown house in the middle of the night. Whether that’s his house in the film or not is uncertain, and while it’s clear that he’s either protecting it or infiltrating it, it doesn’t look like he’ll be showing any mercy either way. Take a look at the image for yourself below:


A photo posted by @wponx on Nov 7, 2016 at 7:23am PST

Logan finds Hugh Jackman’s titular character in the American South quite a few years after where we last saw him at the end of X-Men: Days of Future Past. He’s forced out of a seemingly self-imposed exile, however, when Patrick Stewart’s old and frail Professor Charles Xavier asks for his help in protecting a young girl, Laura (Keen), who possesses the same abilities as Logan himself, and (if the film stays true to the comic book canon) was created using his DNA.

In addition to featuring the return of director James Mangold at the helm, following his work on 2013’s The Wolverine, the film will be the final live-action turn Jackman gives as Logan/Wolverine. And to help make his swan song as the character as fitting as possible, the film will be the rated-R standalone Wolverine movie fans have been waiting years to see. Along with the red-band bloodshed, though, and accompanied by ‘Hurt,’ the trailer makes Logan look like one of the legitimately saddest, and most unique live-action comic book films to date.

The thematic darkness was evident in practically every moment of the trailer, which might have felt odd if it wasn’t also marking Jackman’s last performance as the character. His take on the iconic X-Men member has been one of the most dedicated and beloved ever seen amongst comic book films, and it seems like Logan, thankfully, is just as aware of that as the rest of us.


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