New Logan Image: Wolverine Protects X-23

New Logan Image: Wolverine Protects X-23
logan hugh jackman wolverine x 23 New Logan Image: Wolverine Protects X 23

The really interesting thing about images like the one above is literally how they look, not just because of what they feature. Mangold recently discussed how he was inspired by “classical filmmaking” and comic book panels in creating the look for Logan, and that style is very evident in everything we’ve seen so far. It’s bittersweet that the film will probably not be released in black and white, despite many people wishing it to be. That said, there’s always the potential for an alternate or extended cut to be added in for the home media release. But either way, Logan is proving itself to be much more than a run-of-the-mill superhero sequel.

It’s sad that Jackman as the eponymous character will not be popping up again on the big screen in the future (until further notice, anyway). The comforting part of the situation is that Jackman is just a much a part of the X-Men franchise as the Wolverine character, so it’s only rational that both take their leave together. And thankfully, Mangold appears to be giving both parties a proper send off.


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