New Underworld: Blood Wars Images; Kate Beckinsale Talks Selene

Underworld has always been a fan-favorite series of action/horror movies for those who enjoy the genre, with the first film in the franchise released all the way back in 2003. Kate Beckinsale takes the role of lead character Selene; a vampire who seeks revenge for the murder of her family before getting tangled up in a world of chaos, deceit and challenges. Despite earning consistently mixed-to-negative reviews from critics, the series lives on and the fifth addition is right around the corner in the form of Underworld: Blood Wars, directed by Anna Foerster and written by Cory Goodman.

Though we know that the movie will act as the direct follow-up to 2012’s Underworld: Awakening, further details about the film have been scarce; though a trailer was revealed a few months back following the news that the movie would have to be pushed back from its original planned release in October 2016. All-new images from Blood Wars have now been released, along with interviews with Beckinsale and new director Foerster.

Speaking to Empire, Beckinsale offered the following insight on where Selene is at in Blood Wars:

 “She’s always been really passionate, but now, in a way, she doesn’t really give a s**t.

“In Blood Wars, Selene is at a really low ebb. You see a different side to her. [Her one-time mentor] Viktor has emerged as a traitor. [Her lover] Michael has disappeared. She’s had a baby that she didn’t know about.”

Foerster focused more on her experience working on the movie and what she’ll be bringing to the series as a new member of the crew:

“With Underworld you have rules that are very specific to the franchise, but you can veer off from that. What I bring to this movie is a defined visual concept and some cool surprises. I think fans will see a new side to Selene.”

New Underworld: Blood Wars Images; Kate Beckinsale Talks Selene
underworld blood wars selene New Underworld: Blood Wars Images; Kate Beckinsale Talks Selene

Many fans of the Underworld franchise could be a little skeptical about the new addition to the series, especially following its push back from a relatively successful month in theaters to a month which falls within the industry insider-named “dump months”. Foerster’s comments might be further cause for concern if Selene’s character is to change dramatically in the fifth movie, and if the “specific rules” she refers to are broken in any major way then Blood Wars could end up shooting itself in the foot.

Of course, with the character’s reinvention may come an influx of positive reviews. This could be the movie that turns all the critics around, with Blood Wars becoming a commercial success as well as a cult one. Beckinsale’s comments about Selene no longer caring about what goes on around her, however, could prove to be a slap in the face to all of the people that have had negative things to say in the past. The franchise itself has found a way to stand on its own two feet despite not being critically-acclaimed and for that, it surely should be celebrated.


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