New Wonder Woman Animated Movie on the ‘Radar’ for WB Animation

New Wonder Woman Animated Movie on the 'Radar' for WB Animation

Of all famous DC superheroes, Wonder Woman continues to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the expansion of the DC Extended Universe. Gal Gadot’s show-stealing turn as the iconic superheroine in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be followed by her starring role in the 2017 Wonder Woman movie – a film that boasts one of the most talked-about trailers since its debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. Gadot’s star performance as Wonder Woman will also lead into a leading role in 2017’s Justice League.

Wonder Woman isn’t just going strong in the live-action cinematic universe. The character is expected to appear in a supporting role in the upcoming animated films Justice League Dark and even in LEGO form in The LEGO Batman Movie. She has not starred in her own animated movie, however, since 2009 – but that could be about to change.

Warner Bros. Animation supervising producer James Tucker spoke on Saturday at New York Comic-Con at an advance screening of Justice League Dark. According to CBR, Tucker fielded a question from the audience about the possibility of a new animated Wonder Woman movie and confirmed that discussions have been had about making it a reality:

“We discussed with Warner video, and they have Wonder Woman on their radar in some form or fashion.”

New Wonder Woman Animated Movie on the 'Radar' for WB Animation

The last animated movie to star the iconic warrior princess was 2009’s Wonder Woman, a direct-to-DVD release from WB Animation. The movie features Keri Russell voicing the titular superheroine, and also includes the voice talents of Alfred Molina, Nathan Fillion, and Rosario Dawson. Gadot could make sense to reprise her big-screen role by lending her voice to the next animated movie, despite her lack of experience in animated movies. But of course, the movie is far from in production, let alone confirmed to be green-lit by WB at this stage.

The rapidly rising popularity of Wonder Woman within the DCEU would make a new animated film a logical next step, especially if Gadot parlays her acclaimed performance in Batman V Superman into a successful turn as the marquee name atop the promo posters. The 2009 Wonder Woman animated movie gained notoriety for its uncommonly mature content and themes, as the movie underwent extensive edits in post-production just to avoid an R rating. It would not be surprising if the next Wonder Woman animated movie had a similar tone to Gadot’s upcoming live-action film appearances.

Despite the buzz generated by the Comic-Con trailer for director Patty Jenkins’ live-action version of Wonder Woman, that film still has a lot to live up to The idea of more Wonder Woman movies, real or animated, could hinge on the performance of Gadot and Jenkins’ much-anticipated summer blockbuster.

We’ll bring you more details on a new Wonder Woman animated movie as they become available.


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