New Wonder Woman Image: Diana Rides Off to Battle

New Wonder Woman Image: Diana Rides Off to Battle
Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Chris Pine Horses New Wonder Woman Image: Diana Rides Off to Battle

Time additionally spoke to Jenkins and Gadot about their portrayal of Diana in the upcoming Wonder Woman film, which is the first blockbuster focused on the DC Comics heroine. For Jenkins, she was inspired by the 1978 Superman film and the legacy of male superheroes on screen: “We’ve spent years treating male heroes in certain ways, I just applied those same tropes to her, and all these incredible radical moments suddenly appear to an audience.” Meanwhile, Gadot spoke about needing to balance the characteristics of Diana in Wonder Woman:

We knew it was tricky. We wanted to find the balance between portraying her as confident and strong and feminine and warm. I didn’t want her to be a ball buster. I didn’t want her to be bossy. You can be powerful and also loving.

To their points, Wonder Woman has a significant amount of pressure to both succeed as an entry of the DCEU — especially after Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad were critically derided and divisive among fans — as well as the first solo female-led superhero film since the critical and financial failures of Catwoman and Elektra in the mid ’00s. However, as evidenced by Jenkins’ comments, including her recent mention that Diana is a “multidimensional” hero, it’s clear Wonder Woman’s director and star have worked hard to provide an entertaining and compelling superhero blockbuster — one that honors the legacy of its character.


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