New Wonder Woman Trailer To Play in Theaters Before Doctor Strange 

New Wonder Woman Trailer To Play in Theaters Before Doctor Strange 

The latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Doctor Strange, is set to arrive on North American screens this weekend, with positive early word of mouth and high expectations. Meanwhile, the next film in the rival DCEU, Wonder Woman, is scheduled to arrive next June, giving a full showcase to Gal Gadot’s interpretation of the superhero character.

The two separate rival universes may represent the product of different corporations, different movie studios, different comic book publishers, and very different core cinematic styles. But despite all that, Marvel and DC film releases do tend to play the same movie theaters. And now, the latest blockbuster movie of one will be advertised prior to the other.

The new trailer for Wonder Woman, which was recently classified, will debut this week ahead of showings of Doctor Strange, the website Trailer Track reported this week, citing a trailer schedule from Deluxe Digital Cinema. Speculation had earlier suggested that the Wonder Woman trailer would arrive along with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, another Warner Bros. film scheduled for release later in November, but apparently we’ll be seeing the new advertisement earlier than that.

New Wonder Woman Trailer To Play in Theaters Before Doctor Strange 

According to the report, the new trailer is 2 minutes and 24 seconds. There’s not much to say about what to expect from the new look at the film, but a few leaked images from the trailer last month suggest there will be plenty of action. The first trailer for Wonder Woman debuted at San Diego Comic-Con back in July, and was probably the most talked-about trailer release at that event.

DCEU’s releases in 2016, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, were hits at the box office, but struggled to gain positive reviews from critics. That situation has led many to ponder whether Wonder Woman will be able to break the cycle and be welcomed by both audiences and critics. That goal certainly seems possible, as Gal Gadot’s debut as the character in Dawn of Justice was one of the more positively received aspects of the film.

In addition, the standalone nature of the film means it’s likely to avoid the too-many-characters pitfall of Suicide Squad, X-Men: Apocalypse and other recent films of the genre. Will the second trailer for Wonder Woman give us a better idea of its potential? We’ll find out this weekend.

Doctor Strange is set for North American release on Friday, November 4. Wonder Woman comes out on June 2, 2017.

Source: Trailer Track


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