New X-Men Movie Reportedly Starting Production in May 2017

New X-Men Movie Reportedly Starting Production in May 2017
Alexandra Shipp as Storm in X Men Apocalypse New X Men Movie Reportedly Starting Production in May 2017

While Trudel doesn’t specify exactly what film will shoot at his studio, the two previous movies he refers to are X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse. This may infer that the May production is the continuation of Simon Kinberg’s main X-Men series that will be set in the 90s and continue on from Apocalypse. However, without confirmation, it is arguably more likely that New Mutants will be the production taking residence in Montreal, as Kinberg has previously stated that the movie would begin filming in spring 2017 and Fox may not be comfortable shooting two X-Men movies concurrently.

If New Mutants is indeed the mystery movie, this may get fans excited about the prospect of a new direction for the X-Men franchise. Kinberg has already confirmed the film will stay loyal to its comic book source material and has promised an appearance from Professor X, with Alexandra Shipp’s Storm also rumored to feature. The success of Deadpool proved that a smaller-scale production and more adult-orientated content needn’t hinder a movie’s financial success and 20th Century Fox may well be keen to see if they can produce another huge hit.

Of course despite recent outings receiving a muted reception, the studio won’t have given up on the main X-Men timeline just yet, even if they can’t tempt the likes of Jennifer Lawrence back into the fold. However, given how Lawrence has been utilized in the last two X-Men movies, perhaps a move into new territory for a little while would do the franchise a whole lot of good.


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