Odds are, you’ve seen more Star Wars films than John Williams.

Odds are, you've seen more Star Wars films than John Williams.
John Williams conducting orchestra John Williams Has Never Watched The Star Wars Films

Right now, Williams is expected to score both Episode VIII and director Colin Trevorrow’s Episode IX, which is set to be released in 2019 and thus will see Williams solo composing the scores for three straight Star Wars trilogies in a row. As for the other standalone films Disney and Lucasfilm have planned, it seems safe to say that after bringing on composer Michael Giacchino for Rogue One, the studios may go with different composers for each non-saga film moving forwards, as a way to not only differentiate the standalone stories from the main saga titles, but also to prepare fans for the time when Williams decides to hang up his hat and stop composing new scores for the franchise.

That will, no doubt, be a decision that many fans will be heartbroken over, especially after Williams proved once again how adept he is at creating iconic, memorable new pieces of music for Star Wars with The Force Awakens last year. Until then, however, fans can have rest easy knowing that Williams shouldn’t be leaving Star Wars any time for the next few years at least, even if he might not be as well-versed in the films themselves as fans likely thought up until this point.


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