Oliver Stone’s Son to Adapt Stone’s Book ‘A Child’s Night Dream’

Oliver Stone's Son to Adapt Stone's Book 'A Child's Night Dream'
Greystone Park Oliver Stones Son to Adapt Stones Book A Childs Night Dream

The great advantage that Sean Stone has here is having a father like Oliver Stone to guide him through his writing process. Having been working on the script since his teens means he’s had ample feedback and help from his father. Greystone Park was not a success either commercially or critically, though it isn’t particularly fair to judge Stone’s filmmaking ability on his first feature film. However, if Stone can’t make at least some waves with A Child’s Night Dream, future interest in his ability as a filmmaker is likely going to suffer considerably.

Adapting your own father’s novel is probably the best position for a young filmmaker to be in. Understanding what’s at the heart of the story will come much easier for Sean Stone and when the film begins production next April, it will be interesting to see how the senior Stone’s input effects the material. Will Sean Stone’s own vision still manage to find its way through to audiences? That in itself just might be the most interesting thing about A Child’s Night Dream.


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