Power Rangers: First Image of Red Ranger’s Power Sword Revealed

Power Rangers: First Image of Red Ranger's Power Sword Revealed

Fans of Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are awaiting the first real look at the upcoming reboot of the long-running action franchise, which is expected to debut in some form at the New York Comic-Con. Among many elements longtime fans of the characters hope to learn is what the redesigned versions of the Rangers’ uniforms, weapons, and vehicles will look like; as the new version will be updating a franchise perhaps best known for its lighthearted, low-budget aesthetic.

As fans prepare for NYCC and all the reveals that will be made there, a first look at the re-designed Red Ranger’s Power Sword has appeared online.

Revealed by ComicBook.com, the first image reveals a weapon that shares little in common with its counterpart from the original 1990s series. That Power Sword was designed more in the vein of a conventional broadsword, the new version sports a teardrop-shaped blade and a circular grip and handguard at the base. The blade itself appears to be divided into interlocking segments, suggesting that the weapon might “collapse” for storage purposes or serve a dual role as a whip/flail-like instrument.

Power Rangers: First Image of Red Ranger's Power Sword Revealed

The original Power Sword, like most other costumes and props from the original series, were inherited from the earlier Japanese action series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, episodes of which Power Rangers’ producers licensed, re-edited and dubbed into English along with shooting new footage of American actors playing the heroes in their unmasked state. This approach (which has been repeated for each subsequent season of the still-ongoing series) is not being employed for the new film; though the updated sword does bear a passing resemblance to transforming swords wielded by Red Rangers on several other iterations of the franchise.

Left unsaid is whether the other Rangers’ weapons will be similarly reimagined. Traditionally, the original (“Mighty Morphin”) incarnation of the team featured the Blue Ranger using a double-ended trident, an axe/gun combination for the Black Ranger, a bow and arrow for the Pink Ranger, and a pair of daggers for the Yellow Ranger. When necessary, the individual weapons were built to combine into a powerful crossbow-shaped laser cannon. Thus far, the new film’s designs have held to the basic themes of the Rangers’ core design elements; but redesigned with a focus on the appearance of futuristic/alien technology.

Power Rangers opens in U.S. theaters on March 24, 2017.


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