Power Rangers Rumor: New Goldar Story Details

Power Rangers Rumor: New Goldar Story Details
goldar scorpina power rangers Power Rangers Rumor: New Goldar Story Details

While Goldar’s analog on Zyuranger, Grifforzer, was framed as one of the series most dangerous foes; like most other Power Rangers villains his personality was reworked with a greater focus on physical comedy and frustration with his employer than actual menace. The series also removed a Zyuranger romantic subplot between the character and female villain Lamy (“Scorpina” in Power Rangers) that resulted in the birth of a son midway through the series.

No details have yet come to light as to whether the film’s version of Goldar will resemble that of the series; which was accomplished via a series of creature suits with animatronic facial expressions. Notably, Grifforzer was designed based on the mythological gryphon and/or manticore (half lion, half eagle — sometimes with a scorpion-like tail); while Power Rangers mythos typically refers to him as being an ape — analogous to a “flying monkey” to Rita’s witch a la The Wizard of Oz.


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