Power Rangers Set Photos Hint at a Tragic Event

Next year is shaping up to be a big one for franchises, both new and (hopefully) continuing. Power Rangers falls into the latter category with the concept getting a new big screen live-action adaptation. Lionsgate has assembled a young and relatively unknown cast to lead the film, and they have big plans for the future. Reportedly, they are hoping to make at least seven movies in this franchise, and potentially with a majority of this cast.

The first trailer for the movie gave a lot of viewers similar feelings to Chronicle and The Breakfast Club, which has been met with some skepticism so far. Once these kids do suit up, they will be tasked with stopping Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks). It is unclear how much training they have to capably deal with this threat, but new set photos could indicate that one of these new heroes’ time will be short lived.

YVR Shoots reports that Power Rangers is currently undergoing re-shoots in Vancouver, and Power Rangers Now was able to take some photos from the set. The photos reveal that Power Rangers is currently filming a funeral scene, but what character is involved has not been revealed. This could be a case of someone the Power Rangers know getting caught in the crosshairs of their battle with Rita Repulsa, or it could point to one of the new Rangers losing his or her life during the film.

Power Rangers Set Photos Hint at a Tragic Event

This is the first time that any reports about a character death in Power Rangers has come out, and the fact that it is taking place during re-shoots is sure to raise some eyebrows. Reception to the first trailer was decent, so hopefully this is not a case of the studio reacting to the response by choosing to kill off a main character. It is too early to tell whether or not this is the case, but if it is, expect it to be a bigger topic of conversation as the movie nears release.

Lionsgate assembled a young and likable group to lead this franchise, and making the decision to kill one of them off this early could prove to be a mistake. Then again, there is not much known about the film’s actual plotline, so this death could have already been written into the story and is only being reworked. Then again, there is no guarantee this funeral scene is for a member of the Power Rangers. While it is fun to speculate as to what exactly this means for the film, everyone will have to wait and see how the scene unfolds in theaters.


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