Power Rangers Toys Offer New Look at Alpha 5

Power Rangers Toys Offer New Look at Alpha 5
New Alpha 5 Action Hero Toy from Sabans Power Rangers 2017 Power Rangers Toys Offer New Look at Alpha 5

As far as details go, this Alpha 5 toy photo doesn’t reveal much that the character’s concept art hadn’t already. What’s perhaps more interesting is the more nuanced, less shiny look at his new design. Unlike the concept art, Alpha’s colors here are more muted, with the blue and red of the body replaced by silver and the oil-slick helmet color turned into a silver-blue. Whether this mechanized E.T. design will impress filmgoers and/or win over kids, we’ll just have to wait for the release of the film – or at the least, a new trailer that shows Alpha 5 in action.

Considering the movie will be here in March, we’re likely right around the corner from a new trailer and a flurry of TV spots and promotional material. It’s even plausible that a new Power Rangers trailer will be attached to an upcoming sci-fi tentpole like Passengers and/or Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in an attempt to court sci-fi loving audiences. As we await the film’s release, stay tuned for updates on all things Power Rangers.


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