R-Rated Transformers?!

R-Rated Transformers?!

R-Rated Transformers?!
Transformers 5 The Last Knight Bumblebee Robot Mode Michael Bay Was Pitched An R Rated Bumblebee Movie

That being said, if the plan is to scale up the film franchise series into a “cinematic universe” with annualized theatrical releases – like every studio is attempting to in the wake of Marvel Studios’ precedent-setting success – in order to maximize appeal and cater to different target demographics, it’s becoming increasingly important to try new and different things.

Twentieth Century Fox for instance, saw their biggest superhero success story in early 2016 by letting go of the strict creative control reins of the X-Men franchise just enough so that producer and star Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller could make and off-the-wall R-rated Deadpool movie that shattered numerous box office records on a moderate budget. And it is also a popular licensing source for Marvel despite its for-adults movie.

For Paramount Pictures and the Hasbro toy company, they may not be there quite yet since the next two years represent just the beginning of their long-term plan, but their grand efforts toward blowing out the Transformers franchise into something even bigger than it already may benefit from some bold and different style of movies. After all, the kids who saw Transformers 1 when it opened in 2017 are teenagers or in their twenties at this point and any fans of the original series are far beyond that.

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But how do you even make an R-rated Transformers movie? Add human gore, sexual content and/or vulgar alien language?


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