Resident Evil Director: Movies Are For Fans Who ‘Adore’ the Video Games

Resident Evil Director: Movies Are For Fans Who 'Adore' the Video Games

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will soon bring to a close the longest running and most successful video game adaptation Hollywood has ever seen. With Capcom’s release of the game in 1996, Resident Evil quickly made its way to the best-seller lists and (along with Doom) became one of the most popular games the survival horror genre had ever seen. Challenging gameplay and fast-paced story telling further solidified Resident Evil‘s status as a franchise in the making.

The first film burst into theaters six years later, combining elements from the first two games to build its own story arc. Though quite a bit changed from console to screen, director Paul W. S. Anderson used the games as a reference all along the way, including odd camera angles and creepy sound effects. The first film pulled in over $102M in worldwide box office release, and each film that followed earned even more.

Say what you will about the shortcomings of the Resident Evil films while the folks in charge laugh all the way to the bank with their now billion dollar franchise. Six films and 15 years later Anderson (back at the helm), at a New York Comic Con panel (h/t via Polygon), tells fans the secret of their success lies not in big budgets but in passion.

“This movie is made by people who genuinely adored the video game. No one would ever dream of adapting War and Peace without reading the book, but somehow people have the hubris to adapt a video game without having ever played it or knowing what the fans like about it.”

Resident Evil Director: Movies Are For Fans Who 'Adore' the Video Games

Screen Gems dropped their second Final Chapter trailer during NYCC, and true to Anderson’s words, the 6th film goes back to its horror roots from the first. Stars Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter are back as Alice and Claire (respectively) along with a few familiar faces from earlier points in the franchise.

As Alice heads back to Racoon City to face off against the biggest threat yet, she runs into some elements (like the Red Queen) that bring about a sense of nostalgia from the first film. With the hopes of putting an end to the Umbrella Corporation once and for all, Anderson acknowledges the added pressure to end the franchise on a high note, adding:

“This is the conclusion to the series, we’re bringing it full circle and all of the questions that have been hanging over it are all going to be answered by this movie. This is the movie where we discover the truth about her and the truth about the Umbrella Corporation.”

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter bursts into theaters on January 27, 2017.


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